Hey guys so after the June holidays we were tasked with our last official project which was our short film called Midnight at the Flambabosa. Each of us were assigned roles to be responsible for an I was assigned as Art director accompanied by Andy Ndwandwa which made us responsible for wardrobe and set design. it went really well and we got a distinction on the project! Check it out…



I’m Back

Hey guys! Sorry for the cold shoulder lately but as my chapter of multimedia study draws to and end things are getting hectic. I am currently redoing and fixing up some projects I’ve done during this year and am working on my portfolio website to showcase at the end of this year. SO stay tuned for some epic redone projects and fix ups.

UNITY startup

SO since my video tut is 2hrs long and takes forever to upload on any medium I’ve chosen to share screen shots, for now, sorry guys. I’ll figure it out and upload it ASAP. But basically, I have completed importing my whole level platform, obstacles, and background designs. Stay tuned for character sprites and adding properties to elements and making it work tomorrow.