Hi, guys, I hope you all are well.

I’ve got some pretty amazing stuff for you so let’s get to it. As you all know we are doing game design and I think I finally have my game figured out.

Prepare to meet FLAME.

Goal and narrative:

Flame is a little girl lost in Frostbite. A part of her world forbidden to explore by her people. See Flame exists of fire and more specifically fire made my a burning tree. Because she is so young she has never been told where her’s is and after her tribe was brutally murdered by the ice-queen she has not yet been able to go through an initiation which entails the reveal of the location of her tree. Flame’s quest is to find her tree and restore its flame before it and she dies.


Flame collects fire crystals to generate power to defend herself. She also collects flame leaves which serve as experience points and can pick up special objects in certain levels in order to overcome an obstacle. In level 1 she needs the water key to open a door.

SO now that you have the background let’s get to the visuals.

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