Platform Game Design – Event : 4

Hey! guys I’m back in action had to do an offline project
but starting on a new exiting one of game design.
  • Design a basic prototype for a platformer Style mobile game.
•Demonstrate the technical fundamentals of game design such as sprites, levels, gaming goals and objectives, game play, narrative and character development, game environments, camera tracking and game achievements;
•Form an informed opinion and build an argument surrounding the importance of a marketing plan for the games which will include fundamentals such as target audiences, current competition, delivery options, product pricing, logo design and strategies to launch independent games;
•Understand the basics of game development platforms such as Unity, Stencyl and Gamesalad to name a few.
•Understand how basic physics concepts like gravity, acceleration, velocity, speed, trajectory, Newton’s Laws of Motion, force & elasticity are used in mobile game application development;
•Be able to reinforce advanced visual communications principles in the execution of game design user interfaces and how these compliment the user experience;
•Follow technical and increasingly complex programming instructions in order and detail;
•Trouble shoot games to fix bugs and ensure performance;
•Use gained technical skills to create, design & program an original mobile games.

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