Draw Parrallels

We were asked to find two motion graphic designers post 2000’s and two modern motion graphics designers and compare their work.

For my two historical figures I chose Kyle Cooper and Saul Bass because I really love their work and found it applicable to the style and technique I will be making use of in this project I also chose.

Some newer motion graphic artists I found similar to Kyle Cooper was is a two-time Emmy Award-winning director and editor for the title sequences of Dexter which I found very similar to Cooper’s film intro of “Seven” (1995). There are a lot of differences between technique and execution of these two artists work but I feel their essence stays the same even though Cooper’s intro for the film is more mysterious and nerve wrecking creating an ambience of fear and intrigue. Anderson’s approach is a lot more suggestive and a cleaner and crips imigary of everyday things but shot in a “phsychopathic” mind set as he makes the lifestyle of a serrial killer look like a normal routine but also emphasises the darkness, death and delight that accompanies the main actors “hobby”. Whereas Cooper’s technique takes you to the darker side of a serial killer and into the horror of it.

Roman Frenklach is also another motiongraphic illustrator who was inspired by Kyle cooper’s work to create his “Horror genre title sequence” motiongraphic.

I also chose Saul Bass as one of my historic Motionographers as his medium of film overlay and animation inspires my use of that technique in this project. He also makes use of clean paper cut out animation and collage and frame by frame drawings. His style is quite diverse and can be assumed as inspiration to many modern motion graphic designers. Some I found similar to him was Jeneleen Floyd, Travel Portland, Einav Vaisman.

These artists are not identically similar bu I looked at the paper cut out techniques and the combination of film with that.

Another artist who’s work is more visually similar to Saul Bass’ work is Paul Rozenboim who does many motion graphics works inspired by Saul Bass fo example the Cartoon series “Samurai Jack” intro.

As well as ty Mattson’s intro sequence animation to the tv series “Dexter”.

So there is my research on some amazing artists hope you guys enjoyed it.

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